7 Meaningful Ways On How To Spice Up Your Marriage!

Marriage Advice:

Marriage is a very tricky element of your lives. They can become much trickier if you’re struggling to keep up the spark of your marriage with your better half. Many people may enjoy the fun in their marriage for the beginning part of it, but latter succumb to the dull and boring nature which crawls into their marriage without proper management. Almost all the people look up to their marriage as it’s portrayed as something beautiful and meaningful throughout our entire lives. But most of the people struggle to keep up with their marriage life as the time goes.

A few of us may even be very lucky to get a highly energetic and enthusiastic partner, who often cheers you up and lit their marriage life with joy. But such scenarios are usually rare, which is why most of the others struggle in finding a way that spices up their marriage. Having a boring and dull relationship with your partner can lead to disastrous sequences in your life which may even lead to separation due to lack of excitement. In order to bring back the fire you used to have in your marriage, there are several things you can do. But before proceeding to the doing part, you got to get to the knowing part, which is what you get exactly from this piece.

Here’s a look at some of the best ways that you can spice up your marriage

Passionate Communication:


Did you ever stop and ask yourself a question about when’s the last time you and your spouse had engaged in a meaningful conversation? Well, most of the marriages involve quite an amount of chatterbox-style conversations in the initial stages, but with the time the couple usually goes into a speaking mode only when there’s something essential and basic stuff. As most of the people highly underrate the importance of a proper communication, it’s still one of the most important things in a marriage. If you really want to bring the lost spice in your marriage, go and talk to your partner, and do it passionately. Talk to your spouse about how you feel about them and show them that you love them more than anything. Make them understand that you care about them and the things they like.

Having meaningful and passionate communication with your spouse can bring back the bond in between you both. Try to initiate the conversation yourself and let it flow, even if it involves silly and funny things. Truth be told, silly conversations are the best due to all the fun involved, which eases up things.

Intimate sex:

intimate sex

Every couple gets involved in sex, some do it regularly whereas some do it rarely. But the important aspect here is not how often you participate in sex with your partner, but the way you do it. One of the most important reasons marriages get dull and boring is the couple lacking intimacy, especially while having sex. Most of the couples involve in sex that is full of intimacy while they’re dating, but it gets degraded when they get married since it becomes an usual thing which you can have every day. There’s a huge misconception about sex that it’s just a physical thing, but the truth it’s more of an intimacy and love related thing than just a physical one.

Try talking to your partner while getting intimate, especially tell them that you love them. If your partner is a woman, expressing your love towards her while having sex can work wonders for your marriage. Bring back those crazy days that you both used to have while dating to spice up your marriage. Various studies have already proved that intimate sex can save marriages that are at the risk of a climax. So, don’t neglect this aspect and plan a sexy night with your partner as soon as can.

Stay healthy and attractive:

7 Meaningful Ways On How To Spice Up Your Marriage!

If you’re thinking that staying healthy, attractive, and fit is related to the age factors, you’re completely wrong. People from all the age groups can be healthy and attractive relatively. If you wonder how this aspect can spice up your marriage, well, don’t you like your partner to be attractive and good looking, while staying health as well? If yes, then you must know that they would be thinking the same way as well.

So, in order to be attractive, you may want to follow several things such as exercising regularly, eating good and healthy food. Hit the gym often, and if you can’t go to gym, try working out at your place. The bottom line is, try to be attractive to your spouse, which creates a burning desire in them to be with you. Being healthy and fit can also enhance your sexual life with your partner as well. Try some new looks, don’t get afraid to be a tad creative with your looks.

Get Kinky and Naughty:

Get Kinky & Naughty

Who said that marriages are to be decent and boring? It’s always a good thing to try something new and different. Everyone usually have a set of naughty and kinky feelings deep down in their hearts. So, bring them up and discuss with your spouse to try the kinky desires that both of you have. If you’re ready to have sex that’s kinky in nature, you might want to purchase few accessories such as vibrators.

Women love vibrators due to the fact that they act as extra alternative, along with men. Making love is all about satisfying each other physically and mentally. Don’t be afraid to let your naught side out. To spice up you marriage, it’s a very good idea to involve something that’s not usual, which is why you must be getting kinky and naught at times. This aspect also helps you to get more comfortable with your partner, eventually making your relationship stronger.

Be Romantic:

be romantic

When’s the last time that you held your partner’s hand and went for a romantic walk? Being romantic is the combination of little things that has a huge impact on your marriage relationship. Be touchy with your partner. If your partner is a woman, bring her roses, take her out to something she likes, let it be movies, restaurants or anything similar. If your partner is a man, give him surprise hugs, cook something delicious that he likes. All these little things can really help you spice up your marriage and enhance your relationship with your partner.

Tell them that you love them, as often as possible. By doing so, it makes them feel warm and safe. If you want to have a romantic environment at your home, try dimming the lights and using a couple of candles to make it look like a romantic candle light dinner date. It can bring back the memories of good old dating days.

Try new sexual positions:

sex position

When it comes to sexual life, everyone is different and so do their preferences and liking. If your sexual life with your partner is boring and lack excitement, you must do something about it in order to spice up your marriage life. Trying out new and exotic sexual positions can help you by leaps and bounds, as it brings up the much-needed excitement in your sexual life, and eventually spice up your marriage.

Discuss this aspect with your partner, let them know what type of sexual positions you like and ask them to reciprocate the same by telling you about their favorite sexual positions. There are many videos guides and books about sexual positions, which you can make full use of, to enlighten yourself and eventually practice those brand new untried sexual positions with your partner.

Go for a vacation:

Marriage vacation

Most of us in the current hectic lifestyle are stuck with our jobs or businesses, which makes life more stressful. More often than not, this stress can transform into our personal lives and ultimately into marriage. In order to combat the stress successfully and spice up your marriage, it’s always a good thing to go for a vacation with your partner. Going somewhere exotic and natural can bring back the love in your marriage relationship.

Think about it as dating and go for an adventurous trip to rejuvenate your marriage. Men and women are equally excited about going to new places, so ask your partner about their favorite place that they would like to visit someday. If possible, make this a surprise trip and get them excited when you take them to their dream spot.

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